Economic Justice:

Roberts strongly supports raising the minimum wage, promoting start-ups & innovation to create jobs, and defending the rights of workers. When Ameren received a $167 million Federal tax cut windfall, Roberts help champion legislation requiring them to reduce electric rates to consumers by 6.1%. He also passed legislation to help pharmacies save us money on prescription drugs.


Roberts is fighting to restore cuts to public schools, colleges, and universities. He was a strong advocate and co-sponsor for the adult high school and STEM technology bills.

Public Safety:

Roberts believes we need to eliminate the root causes of crime, enact common sense gun laws, & end racial profiling. He sponsored criminal justice reform bills to raise the age and prevent children from being tried as adults. Roberts also sponsored bills to end racial profiling and require implicit bias training.


Roberts is a strong defender of women’s reproductive choice, equal pay, minority inclusion in contracts, the LGBT community, expanding Medicaid, and defending funding of Planned Parenthood. As State Representative, Roberts was proud to have received the endorsement of both NARAL and Planned Parenthood in the past.